Vows Across Borders

Amisha with Akansha Design was beyond incredible to work with. She designed our wedding video invites for our upcoming wedding week. And I have lost track of the number of compliments we received on how beautiful they were. Beyond her incredible designs and work is her customer service. She is one of the kindest vendors you will ever have the pleasure of working with. She went above and beyond to ensure all of our requests were met and each detail of our card was customized to the both of us. Even after delivery of our video, Amisha assisted us with personalized images for our wedding posters. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a beautiful soul.

Crafting invitations as unique as their love - because personalization is the heart of every memorable story!
Discovering a Love Story

In the vibrant world of Akansha Design, every project tells a unique tale. In 2022, Shalni stepped into our virtual studio, brimming with excitement for her upcoming wedding. What began as a conversation about invitations quickly evolved into a journey to capture the essence of her love story with Ash.

Crafting a Unique Vision

As we delved deeper into discussions, Shalni's narrative of her long-distance romance with Ash ignited our imagination. Together, we envisioned a passport-themed invitation, weaving together elements of their journey and the allure of a destination wedding. With sketches and concepts in hand, we embarked on a creative adventure unlike any other. We included elements from their love story from their favourite conversation to first date outfits.

Bringing the Story to Life

With hearts full of love and pens poised, we set to work transforming our vision into reality. The result? A masterpiece that spoke volumes about Shalni and Ash's love—a vibrant tapestry of colors, sketches, and heartfelt messages. With each stroke, we captured the magic of their romance, ensuring that their invitation would be more than just a clip of video—it would be a intangible expression of their love.

At Akansha Design, we don't just create invitations; we craft love stories. And for Shalni and Ash, their wedding invitations were the beginning of a beautiful chapter in their journey together.

Miles apart, hearts entwined: A love story that transcends borders
Shalni's love story is a testament to the power of true love. Despite living miles apart, they found each other and fell deeply in love. They nurtured their relationship through late-night phone calls, video chats, and visits back and forth. Their love only grew stronger over the years, and now they are finally ready to embark on the next chapter of their lives together